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to see a sample of  Dawn's work.


Dawn Varava is a conservatory trained musician who holds a BM in Applied Music, and a BME in Music Education. She has also completed graduate work in Composition and Theory and Theatre. Acting has always been her passion, and in 2012, she retired from a successful teaching career to pursue an acting career full time. 


Regionally, she has worked with the Arden Theatre, Walnut Street Theatre, South Camden Theatre Company, Eagle Theatre, Allens Lane Theatre, Steel River Playhouse, and the Ritz Theatre, and has done staged readings for the Playmate Playwrights of Bucks County.



She has also appeared as a character actress in the Philadelphia Flower Show’s “Best in Show” winning exhibit, JACK, by Bill Schaffer Designs, based upon the East End of London in the late 1800’s.

Look at what people had to say about Dawn’s performances:


."Thanks to you for such amazing work.  I  was very impressed with your work in the run thru!."  

            Terrence Nolen, Producing Artistic Director, Arden Theatre


.."You made me look at my own play and these characters in a whole, new way!"  

            Albert Innaurato, Gemini playwright

…“The live actor added to the interest of the exhibit and you truly felt the transformation into the seedy underground of London”

             Philadelphia FlowerFlower Show Judge

“She has a better accent than I do, and I’m from England!”  

             JACK Exhibit designer from Kent, England


…“The best thing we did was hire Dawn to bring the whole set to life!”

             Bill Schaffer, JACK exhibitor and designer

Dawn has also appeared in the NBC television show, Do No Harm, and the popular Netflix series, Orange is the New Black,  and has been featured in Philadelphia: the Great Experiment, as well as in commercials, PSA's and industrials.

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